Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 more days until Christmas!

I haven't been in the blogging spirit lately. Maybe because I consider my life pretty boring. But I'm in the mood for a quick update so here it goes....

We're so broke this Christmas it's not even funny. We don't have a tree, we don't have presents, we barely have food and gas. Andrew hasn't gotten paid from his sub-contracting job since Sept and we've been making do with my measly salary (which isn't enough to cover the rent + car payment let alone anything else). I know the economy sucks and everything but we get paid from a Canadian company so they have no excuse! I'm probably going to have to suck it up and borrow money from my parents to be able to buy gas to get around to our families for Christmas! I hate borrowing money from my parents, especially at Christmas time. But it's a little out of my control right now.

In better news I'm really starting to like my new position in Criminal. People talk to me now which is nice and I'm really liking my boss even though I was a little scared to work for her at first :). For the first time in awhile I don't dread going to work! I applied for a court room clerk position a couple weeks ago and I had an interview Wed which went horribly!!! I'm pretty sure I'm not in the running but I'm actually ok with it because I think I'd rather stick around in Criminal.

The candle business is going pretty well. It's slow right now but I did way better than I ever thought I would! The new catalog is coming out in January so I'm pretty excited about that. What I'm not excited about is that 2 different people (one who happens to be related to me!) have given me checks that have bounced!! And even worse than that my bank not only takes the money back from me but they charge me an extra $6! WTF?? Like it's my fault that the check bounced? I wouldn't have deposited it if I had any idea it wasn't good. It's a crock! I do take credit cards but of course I lose a percentage when I do it that way but I'm seriously considering going that route. My webpage is if anyone is interested :).

Hmmm... let's see, what else is new? I'm reading Marley and Me and I can't wait to see the movie!! I bet 90% of the people in the audience will be Lab owners. Oh, I was on the Holiday party committee at work this year and it was a ton of fun! I brought in a bunch of centerpieces which I made out of glass bowls with red and silver ornaments in them and I got to help decorate. We had secret santas at work too and mine gave me a big Hot Chocolate mug with a saucer that I LOVE and a set of bowls that have sugar cookie makings inside. I'm going to break into them tomorrow I think. Monday I have training all day which is cool because it means I only work 8:30-4 instead of 8-5. Extra 1.5 hours to myself! Hooray! And last week I got to observe Misd and Felony arraignments and a Felony law and motion calender which was awesome. I always wonder what's going through the judge's heads when they decide to release or not release people from custody. Oh that reminds me that I'm thinking about taking a Criminal Justice class at the community college this spring just for fun. Sometimes I really hate my job and I think I need to get into a different line of work and then something always comes along to remind me that I love the Judicial system... even with all it's flaws :).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cocoa's Christmas Hat

I know I'm a horrible blogger these days but I have to share this:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is why I rock

Because I made this super cool Halloween spider web bean dip and home made Halloween shaped tortilla chips!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deer Hunting

I just got back from my first adult deer hunting trip. Thank god we didn't shoot anything! I hate seeing animals get hurt. You might ask why the hell I was deer hunting when I don't like seeing animals get hurt. Well it all started like this....

Andrew was spending every damn weekend in the hills with his stupid friend and his stupid family. After the second weekend in a row I visibly perterbed. He asked me to come up to this stupid people's ranch with him the next weekend which I refused to do. First of all, it's a dust bowl up there and there's nothing to look at but dirt, oak trees, and cows. Second of all he was cutting wood. I don't cut wood. And lastly of course I don't like animals getting hurt. He was coming home every weekend talking about his great time and how his friend's mom made such good food and worked so hard cleaning up after everyone, blah blah blah. At this point I'm angry. Why the hell does he notice when Old Stupid Lady cooks and cleans but my efforts go unnoticed? And he wants me to be friends with this stupid woman! Not going to happen. I tell him I have plenty of friends and he shouldn't make me try to be friends with this stupid lady so that I'll think it's ok when he spends so much time with her and her stupid family. Let's just call them The Stupids from now on.

Skip forward through a week of fighing. He claims I never do what he wants to do and we always do what I want to do. He also claims that he would just LOVE for me to come up and hang out with him at The Stupid's ranch. He says he'll take me out to lunch and we can ride 4-wheelers. I stupidly agree (maybe I should join The Stupid Family). So I drive for two hours with Cocoa practically on my lap and when I get to the house he gave me directions too there's a sign giving me directions to a different place! That's irritating. So I find the damn place (we're talking hills, unmarked roads, and no civilization here) and he informs me that we'll be having lunch with The Stupids. OH HELL NO. I insist he take me to lunch as promised so he does. We get back and I ask about my 4-wheeler ride and he tells me he doesn't know where the 4-wheelers are and I should just come sit in the dust bowl and watch him and the Stupid men work. I find this akin to watching grass grow so I blow that pop stand.

The weekend ends and there isn't so much fighting but some discussing. I tell him he tricked me into a wasted day at The Stupid Ranch. He says he loves being in nature and he wants me to be there too. I say that I love nature too (not a lie!) but I don't want to share it with The Stupids and I don't want him too every freaking weekend either. I point out that we are newlyweds and spending every weekend apart isn't cool. I mean I'm not co-dependant or anything and I infact love some alone time but we're talking 3 weekends in a row at this point. The dog poop is not being picked up. The grass is not being mowed. Not to mention the importance of quality time! I tell him I'd be more than happy to revel in all mother nature has to offer if it was just us more often than not. So he asks me to go hunting/camping with him the following weekend and of course I can't say no. I just said I love nature and I would do things if it was just him and I. BOO!

So I dread the trip the whole week but put on a happy face until Saturday morning. I woke up and the weather was beautiful and we were going to cover some ground that my grandpa used to hunt. Somehow I got excited about it! Not about the deer killing part but since Andrew's been hunting deer unsucessfully for about 10 years I wasn't that worried.... We drove up in the Mendocino National Forest and drove around scouting out deer all day. The scenary was amazing! Then we found a little camp site to spend the night in. We were packing light and sleeping in the back of Andrew's Tahoe so it was easy set up and take down. We had both of our dogs with us but I still ended up freezing my ass off that night. I should have packed one more blanket. The next morning we drove around a bit more and then we decided to head out of the forest and back into the foot hills. He wanted to drive around The Stupid's land a little bit to see if he saw anything. I swear to you he's obsessed with this family. Or maybe it's just Old Lady Stupid, I don't know. We end up taking some road thinking it would put us out at a spot on the way home. We were wrong. It went on FOREVER and we ended up back in the damn forest that we left that morning! I was SO done about half way through that last drive. I was tired of being in the car and tired of bumpy switch back roads. We finally made it home about 7:30 and I can not wait to get into bed. It's too bad I have to work in the morning :(.

Here's a picture of the sunrise this morning in the forest.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fort Bragg

So first of all I just want to ask.... does anyone else feel like a brand new woman after something so simple as an eye brow waxing? If the answer is no than just pretend like I didn't say that.

But seriously, I feel like I have a whole new face.

Anywho! Last weekend Andrew and I packed up and went to Fort Bragg for a 3 day camping trip. I hadn't been to Fort Bragg since I was a wee little lass but Andrew claimed to be an expert on it. My friend Carina suggested that we accompany her and her boyfriend, Ivan, on a camping trip to Mackerrricher state park. I'd never been there before and since you had to reserve your campsite online I chose my blindly but I did a damn good job if I do say so myself! I was just trying to be close to Carina and the bathroom but our campsite ended up being huge. Which is good because I INSIST on a 7 person tent for the two of us on top of my screen tent house. And to top it off the weather was absolutely amazing. Amazing is a difficult temperature to acheive on the ocean as you probably know because it's unpredictable and usually windy. But mother nature was on our side last weekend!

Friday we just set up and then went to some expensive restaurant that Andrew wanted to try. I just had a salad since I don't eat seafood but it was delicious. Plus it left room for some creme brulee which I can NOT pass up if it's on the menu. Saturday the boys took off to do some fishing while Carina and I hit up some tide pools and collected glass on Glass Beach. When we first parked Carina thought that she had found the correct trail to the beach although I had my doubts from the get go. I didn't say anything though because a trail is a trail right?? WRONG. Our trail ended up snaking around through some 5 ft tall bushes for like an hour. At one point we were crawling on our hands and knees to get through the brush. I was laughing and telling Carina that we HAD to be on the wrong trail. I wish I had taken a picture. Anyway, we were on the wrong trail and there was a nice, wide, semi-paved one that led straight from the parking lot to the beach. But oh well... it gives us something to remember it by. Glass beach is called Glass Beach because back in the day people used to dump their garbage (including appliances, cars, etc) into the ocean. Over time the ocean broke the glass up, smoothed it out, and it has been depositing peices on Glass Beach every day since. I will post a picture so you can see the peices of glass mixed up with the rocks. After we got back to camp we went on a search for my famously late husband who always "loses track of time." When we finally pulled his happy ass out of the ocean we had lunch and then took a little drive to Mendocino. If you're a country fan you've probably heard of Willie Nelson sing songs about Mendocino. On the way back we stopped at this light house that I really wanted to see. It said the hike was only 1/2 mile but I'm pretty sure they lied. It was straight down hill one way and straight up the other and of course I didn't plan the stop so I was wearing my slippers without socks. My feet hurt so freaking bad by the time I got to the bottom I almost didn't make it back up. Plus I had my gimpy other half trucking along beside me.

Sunday was a perfect day to leave because the fog was rolling in and the wind was picking up. We left at about noon and I almost barfed about a million times with Andrew driving home. The road is switchbacks of 20-25 mph which he took at like 40. I was convinced that we were going to die and they'd find me with puke all over myself. Great way to go. But we made it and next time I'm having him drop me off at the Skunk Train station and I'm riding the train into Fort Bragg. He can pick me up at the Depot... if he makes it alive.

Glass Beach

Monday, September 1, 2008

Long and Busy Weekend

It's currenlty 7:30 pm Monday night and I'm stuck wondering where in the hell my 3 day weekend went. Saturday I just cleaned the house in the morning and then went to my parents house for dinner in celebration of my dad's birthday. When that party was over we hit up my friend Lindsay's End of Summer Luau party. We didn't stay very long but I did manage to get dinged in the forehead by a Beer Pong ball gone astray. That's so my luck.

Sunday I met my friend Michelle at Mimi's Cafe in Fairfield (oh how I love Mimi's!) to plan the craft shows that we have coming up in October and November for her line of soaps and bath and body products. We ended up doing a little shopping at Michael's where I bought some mini-cupcake pans which I'm going to use to promote her business by giving away the mini-cupcakes at the shows. Her business is called Cupcake Bath Shoppe so I thought it was a cute idea and everyone always flocks to the booths with free food or samples. At least I know I do :). After Michael's we hit up Babies R Us where I bought a gift for a friend and then I speed home to meet with another friend to build a diaper cake. I'd never made a diaper cake before and I had my doubts about how the whole thing was going to go down but in the end I was mighty impressed with our work. We were going to go the state fair that night but since I was beat and Andrew wanted to go hunting in the morning we have our tickets to my brother.

Today I've just been bumming around. It's a bit windy and I like it because it makes me think that Fall just might be here already. I'm sure tomorrow will dash my hopes with 100+ weather. I made some snickerdoodles which taste yummy but the bastards would NOT come off of the cookie sheet. What's the deal with that? Does anybody know? Is there a trick to snickerdoodles? Andrew took Gidget hunting this morning so me and Cocoa have been lounging around and doing alot of cuddling. It turns out she's a much better behaved dog when it's just her. Before I know it I'l be back at work. Luckily I only have a 3 day week this week and Friday I'm off to Fort Bragg! Hooray!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sewer Rat

Remember the dead mouse I kept smelling at work? Well the maintenance guys finally came over to check it out and guess what their conclusion was? The urinals in the men's bathroom weren't getting enough water flushed down them so they were starting to smell and the reason that I was the only one that could smell it is because I share a wall with the men's bathroom.

First of all, EWWW.

Second of all, since when does sewer smell like a dead mouse? I'm from the country, I know the difference! I still think there's a dead mouse somewhere although I haven't smelt him lately. He's probably going to get good and ripe over the 3 day weekend for me....

Third of all, if the men's bathroom was so stinky that I could smell it THROUGH THE WALL then how is it that none of the men who used it said anything? It's the public bathroom but the security guards and baliff's use it to so how come they didn't say anything?

I don't know but it all sounds a little fishy to me. I guess only time will tell.

And it better tell me that my desk smells fresh and clean come Tuesday morning, damn it!